About Us

Welcome to Megacraft Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Megacraft is a joint venture with MegAuto KG, Germany, for precision rotary and linear motion sensors for Automation.

Megacraft Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India www.megacraft.net  manufactures within their RotaCol series, the widest range of Industrial Hall Contactless Rotary Position Sensors available today. Those and other automation components are produced for India and the world market in a modern manufacturing facility at Pune with rigorous quality assurance systems and competent manpower. The design and development of sensors using state-of-art technology is also carried out here.

Megacraft Enterprises are the manufacturers and exporters of Precision Wire wound potentiometers. These are used for industrial applications in setting and sensing feedback applications. They are used in machine building and automation industry.


Megacraft Enterprises Pvt Ltd has participated in several Industrial fairs and exhibitions in India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Baroda, Pune, Kolhapur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore etc.) and also in Munich, Nuremberg in Germany.

We have always focused on providing our products at the best rates in the market. By staying competitive with the rates, and offering transparent rates to our customers, we further strengthen the bond we share with our clients.

The quality of our products is a foundational pillar for the success of our brand. This is why we ensure that no concessions are made in the quality and technologies used in the Wire Wound Potentiometers and Rotary Hall Position Sensors that we offer.

Vision – Our vision is to build a strong and reliable organization that offers quality through a support base of clientele around the world connected through a network of trusted and enduring relationships.

Mission – We are committed to the best products and services, delivered in-time with adherence to Quality Assurance at reasonably and mutually accepted price and international standards.