Linear Small Stroke Sensors Contactless/Resistive

Small stroke length linear motion displacement sensors are widely used in different industries. Depending on the application they function as real sensors or indicators. The difference between sensors and indicators is only that an indicator does not have the same close tolerances as the sensor but is extremly low cost.

In sensors & indicators there is a difference in the linearity tolerance and the repeatability. But in any case the indicator indicates a position whereas a sensor measures the position. The widest range upto a stroke length of 100 mm is available in conductive plastic as a resistance element . Inspite of low cost, a reproducibility and a resolution is possible at the sensor between 50 um and 150 um. Nobody can expect from these low cost items a mechanical life of more than 20 million strokes. The more expensive types such as the MM types even go upto 20 million shaft movement. Some of them are equipped with internal or external springs to assure a proper spring return of the shaft. Foil type linear motion displacement sensors are available between 0-50 to 0-500 mm and are use in applications where almost no space is available or complete tightness is required.

LinoSense® Small & Medium Stroke Linear Displacement Sensors Features :