Incremental Output Rotary Sensors

In case of the incremental interface, A and B are quadrature signals, shifted by 90° and signal Z is a reference mark. The width of Z pulse is 1/4th of quadrature signal period and is match with A and B high.

One revolution generates N pulses of signal A or B. The reference mark signal is produced once per revolution. RotaCol series provides an absolute sensor information by counting the number of pulses which matches with the actual absolute angle. Any number of pulses per revolution from 2 to 128 ppr are programmable. Soon any pulses from 2 to 2048 will be available. Maximum number of pulses are now 1024 ppr (default). Fixed programmed are now, in addition to the freely programmable number of ppr upto 128, 256ppr, 512ppr and 1024 ppr. Outputs: 5V TTL, 5V OC, 24V OC,Push-pull, Line-driver, High line driver .

Incremental Output is available in following mechanical features :